Why Are Fruit Slots Always Fun to Play?

When you talk or think about slots, the first thing that comes to mind is winnings. That’s understandable because no one plays games to lose. However, have you ever thought of why you go for the slot games?

Well, here’s something that will jog your memory.

Slot Games have been in existence for the longest time now. They started from humble beginnings. Nothing like what you see today. Which are the bright colours and stunning graphics? This is the other thing that players scrutinize before engaging in a slot game.
But wait.

There’re more reasons why fruit slot games are fun to play.

Why Are Fruit Slots Always Fun to Play?

The Genesis of Fruit Slots

Fruit slots games started way back in 1887. The first one was developed by Charles Fay, but that is still subject to debate. His slot game had only 3 reels and a single payline! Can you believe that? What’s even more interesting are the 5 symbols included in the game which are the spade, bell, horseshoe, diamond and a heart.

Gambling was illegal back in the day and so, real money was not in the equation after you win. As such, winners walked away with chewing gums of various flavours.

The Relationship Between Colours and Our Brains

It is known that different colours tend to affect our moods. As a matter of fact, some dress in different colours depending on their moods. However, you probably never thought how it would affect your attraction to fruit slots.

This is how. The symbols on the reels appear the same way that they do in real life. For example, strawberries are red, lemons are yellow and so on. These bright colours send upbeat messages to your brain when you set your eyes on them.

Food for Thought

Food has been known to bring people together. This is because it’s a basic human need. Whether it is a funeral or a wedding, food never lacks. As a result, food and fruits have been used to appeal to players in the same way it does in real life. In 1963, Bally came up with the first ever fruit machine known as Money Honey. The slot’s symbols included fruits such as cherries, oranges, lemons and melons. The slot still maintains its classy appeal to this day.

Fruit slots remain a top selection for many players across the world thanks to their appeal. As a result, a win-win scenario prevails because both parties get their satisfaction in one way or another. It is clear that something awakens in you once you see cherries or strawberries or any other fruit for that matter. It could be childhood memories or simply the urge to get one of the fruits.
And that is why fruit slots are still a favourite for many.

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Blog Title: Why Are Fruit Slots Always Fun to Play?

Posted On: 03/10/2018

Author: William Roberts