Why Are Casino Card Tables Green

Whether you are playing your favourite table games or some other cool casino games, you will always notice that the colour of the casino table is always green. Have you ever wondered why is it so? The look and feel of a casino is one of the major ways to attract more people to it. The interface of casinos is designed in a quite methodical manner for the purpose of making them eye-catching. All the gaming elements are also arranged in a way that they are easier to understand and see. However, there are some uniform gaming elements and the green table is one of them.

Why Are Casino Card Tables Green

Green for table games is a colour of happiness and charm

Colours play a major role in determining human psychology. There are colours that make humans feel good while there are some that may cast a gloomy spell. Now, casinos are all about entertainment, rewards, challenges and leisure. In that way, the casinos need to come up with colours that relate to these human emotions. When it comes to these, green is an ideal colour that symbolizes reflection, happiness, smoothness, optimism, friendliness and reassurance. It has been found out that compared to other colours like red or blue, green is also eye-catching yet soothing when it comes to look and feel.

Green also brings in a luck factor

Beliefs also form a major aspect of gambling and casinos. A lot of players follow certain customs and playing superstitions as well as they are thought to bring good luck and fortune. Green is one such colour that is revered by gamblers as being lucky. It is related to growth, money and finances. Moreover, green offers a feeling of living environment that induces gamblers to play more. This is also one reason why traffic signals across the world have green like for moving. While the dices, ball and cards have different colours, the green shade of the table offers a balance with other lively shades like red, yellow, purple, orange and blue.

Material Used

Now coming to gaming elements, the casino table is made from a material known as baize. This is also used for making billiard and snooker tables. This material looks green in colour. The main advantage of using this material for laying the table games is that it is smooth and at the same time it is easier to slide cards and the chips. Moreover, players are not able to write or scribble anything on the material for undue advantage.

Taking a cue from land-based casinos; online casinos have also started to make green coloured tables. If you play table games, you will find casino tables with the green shade. In most cases, it is dark green resembling the baize colour. This lends quite an attractive look and feel to the whole setting and resembles the land-based casinos as well.

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Blog Title: Why Are Casino Card Tables Green

Posted On: 07/12/2018

Author: William Roberts