What Are Progressive Slots?

Fancy getting a payday to remember at a casino online? If so, then you need to play some progressive slots and befriend Lady Luck!

Such slot games have truly gargantuan payouts that dwarf anything else that traditional table games can offer and apart from bestowing fortunes on lucky players are inherently simple and sinfully fun to spin up!

Drooling yet? Sorry about that! In case you are unclear about just what progressive slots are all about here’s the low down on them. Now read like you mean to break the bank!

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive Slots: An Overview

To put it mildly, progressive slots are the superstars of the online world. They are also known as progressive jackpots and can easily pay out hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds on a single spin. Still, if you a regular slot player, then you will no doubt have noticed that most slots also have jackpots of some sorts. These slot games cannot, however, be called progressive jackpots as the jackpots they come with are normally fixed in place. Progressive jackpots on the other hand as the name makes clear have jackpots that progress or get larger with each and every spin.

Thus, as you and other bettors anywhere on the globe bet more and more on progressive jackpots, the available jackpot prize rises and keeps on rising. In contrast, hitting the jackpot on a regular slot results in your being paid the fixed jackpot prize. This prize might be 100x or 50x the stake and does not vary regardless of if you just bet ₤1 or ₤500 per spin. What a bummer!

Apart from the above, progressive slots also differ in lots more ways from the jackpots found on regular slot games. For instance, the jackpots featured in progressive jackpots are by several orders of magnitude bigger. Whenever the jackpot in a progressive slot is won, it reverts to a default amount and then gets built up as players bet and bet on it.

Progressive Slots And Their Types

There is usually a trio of different progressive slot games in online casinos. These are:

  • Standalone Progressive Jackpot– these are most commonly found in traditional casinos, rather than online ones. These types of progressive jackpots are standalone in every sense of the word, and the jackpot prize is only boosted by bets that are wagered on a particular machine that features the jackpot. They are also limited to a particular locale or casino and rarely pay out more than ₤10,000 in wins.
  • Local Progressive Jackpots– these are much better than the standalone variant in that they are made up of a network of some progressive slot games within any casino. The number of slot machines connected to the network might be a few dozens or hundreds and from ₤100,000 to ₤1,000,000 can be won in local progressive jackpots.
  • Wide Area Network Progressive Jackpots– this type of progressive jackpot is the biggest of them all. It is featured over a network through which all the casinos carrying the online slot are connected. The jackpot prize can be won by anyone at any time in any of the casinos that feature the game and the prize is identical across all casinos.

Progressive Slots And How To Win At Them

In regular slot games, bettors receive a jackpot for landing a predetermined selection of icons. Triggering progressive slot games is, however, a different story, as the triggering icons in such slots vary from one to the other. Also, some progressive jackpots randomly award wins, while in others a wheel must be spun for the possibility of triggering the jackpot prize.

Overall, triggering progressive jackpots is not an easy matter, with players’ odds of getting blessed with the jackpot massively diminishing when the progressive jackpot being discussed has lots of other players at lots of different casinos simultaneously betting and trying to trigger it.

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Blog Title: What Are Progressive Slots?

Posted On: 22/10/2018

Author: William Roberts