Understanding the Psychology of Casinos

The face of gambling has undergone a makeover with online casinos taking centre stage and drawing a number of customers from around the world. It becomes essential to understand what makes these gambling institutions thrive in the industry despite there being a plethora of them entering the market every day.

How do casinos manage ‘returning’ players?

Millions of people play with real money at online casinos and each year the number of gamblers are increasing; leading to an increase in their profits. There are a number of factors that play a vital role in making this business a success and some of them are subtle to the gambler’s eyes. For instance, the music played on a repeated loop that attracts a genre of players. Or, free snacks and drinks make for a great way to keep players spending hours hooked to games at a casino.

Understanding the Psychology of Casinos

While players are engaged and contended, casinos relish stacking up the cash earned from player deposits. Then there are the loyalty programs for the returning players with hundreds of innovative offers and benefits. These many a times include foreign trips, free stays and other special prizes to attract the gambler to the casino again and again.

Most of these bonus offers, promos and novelties are apparent. However, there are a number of tricks that casinos use to trap customers which you may not be conscious of and here are a few of them.

The winning thrill

Winning at a casino is undeniably pulsating. But did you know that if you just about missed a winning opportunity it probably was a programmed loss? Well, not always as most casinos employ advanced methods and regular auditing mechanism to ensure fair gaming. Some findings do report differently stating that what looks controllable in a winning chance is in most cases an uncontrollable one.

Many studies suggest that familiarity with games, images, symbols and features often contribute to players’ likeness in spending more time at a complicated slot machine.

How success impacts casino gaming

Top casinos use marketing tactics to keep the players hooked and happy. While online ones may not have the benefit of setting up sensory marketing tricks such as using pleasant odours to attract customers; they use virtual, auditory settings, bonuses and promos to get customers hooked. Captivating sounds effects that create a trans-like atmosphere may drive players into a similar state of mind. The cheering sounds created by slot machines on hitting a winning symbol are loud and rigged in a way to hit the player’s mental frame of relaying a sense of satisfaction that he may want to hear again and again.

Various colours, patterns, lights, sounds are all used in combinations to touch the pulse of players that attract them back to the casino.

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Blog Title: Understanding the Psychology of Casinos

Posted On: 28/11/2018

Author: William Roberts