Types Of Slot Machines

Understanding the nature of slot machines is a key step to fully enjoying what they offer. Slots machines are incredibly diverse. To enhance your understanding and awareness of them here is an article listing the different types of slot machines in existence and their capabilities.

Types Of Slot Machines

3 Reel Slots- these Slot Machines are popularly known as classics. This kind of slots was invented in 1899 and are still as popular as when they first came into existence. Classic slots prioritize simplicity above all else.

In traditional mechanical slots, the inner machinery contains physical wheels that have icons. Each of these reels has a variable number of icons, which are also known as stops. Online slots are different as there are merely composed of software. They can thus contain any number of icons/stops, with these affecting the payout.

Most traditional slots found in brick and mortar casinos come with a lever or handle of sorts that are used to get the reels spinning. Over the years, this lever has acquired the nickname of a one-armed bandit.

While most classic slots have 3 reels, some have more than this, with 7 reel classic-themed slots being increasingly common. More reels lead to more fun and bigger jackpots.

Multi Payline Slots- the earliest slots had just a single payline. A win is thus recorded when a trio of identical icons land on this line. Slots these days, however, have multi paylines. Players of these slots are enabled to lay wagers on single lines or multi lines as desired.

Video Slots- the mid to late 70s marked the emergence of video slots. Such slots weren’t fully trusted until the 80s. The emergence of video slots was a watershed moment that enabled limitless possibilities. Rather than having mechanically whirring parts, such slots were full of electronics and had reels that spun digitally, with the action being shown on a video screen.

Video slots had capabilities that were simply beyond the ability of mechanical slots of that era to mimic. It was through such slots that bonuses like free rounds and games were introduced, as well as progressive jackpots. Such slots also had limitless line counts, diverse betting options, and more, which make them quite popular.

Progressive Slots- progressive slots were introduced soon after video slots. Such slots are linked together, with the jackpot reward growing as more and more people play it without success. The prizes in these jackpots can grow to millions, especially when thousands of slot machines are linked together across a state, country or continent.

3D Slots- 3D slots are the latest fad and involve slots with very realistic 3D characters, animation effects, themes, storylines and what have you. This is made possible via computer tech and slot developers are currently madly competing to produce the most rad 3D slots

Slot machines are very fascinating inventions with a rich history. They come in different types and with different abilities and enable positively sinfully pleasurable amounts of fun and games.

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Blog Title: Types Of Slot Machines

Posted On: 14/11/2018

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