Types of Online Blackjack Games at Monaco Riches

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. For this reason, many variants of the game have mushroomed over the years. Some more popular than others, but the thrill and joy remain the same.

The rules of the Blackjack game maintain some level of similarity, but there are multiple differences that distinguish these variants.

Different Types of Online Blackjack Games

Different Types of Online Blackjack Games

The following is a list of various online blackjack games you’ll come across in a number of online casinos. You’ve probably come across some of them.

The Classic Blackjack

This is the most popular version of the game and most played as well. In this version, your main aim is to form a hand that is as close to 21 as possible without surpassing the same.

So, what are the key features in Classic Blackjack:

  • The game uses 2 to 4 decks of cards
  • The dealer will hit soft 17
  • Splitting and doubling are allowed
  • A maximum of 2 re-splits is allowed. Doubling is also allowed after a split
  • The dealer can check for a blackjack

The European Blackjack

This version of blackjack is played using 2 decks of cards. The variant features minimal rules such as the dealer stands at soft 17 and a smaller card number used. Besides that, the casino levels things by not allowing the dealer to check for a blackjack.

The key feature in European Blackjack

  • The dealer will stand on soft 17
  • The player’s blackjack and that of the dealer will result in a push
  • The dealer is not allowed to check for a blackjack
  • If the player has a 9, 10 or 11, he will not be able to double down
  • Players can double after a split which is only allowed once.

Match Play 21

In this variant of online blackjack, all 10s are eliminated from the deck with some hands receiving additional bonus payouts.

The key features in Match Play 21

  • All 10s apart from the face cards are eliminated from the deck
  • Players can split and double
  • The dealer will hit on soft 17

Perfect pairs Online Blackjack

This variant uses the basic rules as those in classic blackjack apart from the side bets placed before every hand. The side bet is an extra bet on the initial cards being the same value

The key features in Perfect Pairs Blackjack

  • The dealer will hit on soft 17
  • Players are allowed 5 hands per round
  • Players can double down and split

Spanish 21

This variant is quite identical to Pontoon where all 10s are removed from the deck. This results in a higher house edge, but the game levels things off by employing player-friendly rules.

Key Features in Spanish 21:

  • Doubling after surrendering is allowed
  • The dealer will stand on soft 17
  • Doubling down after a split is allowed and so is a re-split

Face Up 21

As the name suggests, this variant shows the dealer’s cards facing up. With this information, you can make crucial decisions for your next play.

Key features in Face Up 21:

  • Doubling after splitting is allowed in totals like 11, 10 and 9
  • The dealer will hit on soft 17
  • A player’s blackjack vs the dealer will result in a loss

Enjoy Various Casino Games at Monaco Riches

Monaco Riches boasts of hosting a wide variety of online casino games. In short, there’s no chance of getting bored while on this platform. Moreover, players can play on the site knowing that it is regulated by and licensed by the relevant bodies in charge to ensure fairness and randomness.


Blog Title: Types of Online Blackjack Games at Monaco Riches

Posted On: 10/10/2018

Author: William Roberts