Top Ace Gambling Movies

For some reason, most moviegoers have a predilection for gambling flicks. This could be due to the fact that such movies often star Hollywood heavyweights who act like their lives depends on it. Or it might be due to the exotic locale combined with the oft-bewildering array of twists and turns in the plot commonly found in movies of this genre. Whatever the case, such movies have an attraction that few seem capable of resisting.

Top Ace Gambling Movies

With that in view here are the top ace gambling movies ever made, which are a must-watch:

Ocean’s Eleven, 2001

This movie stars George Clooney as Danny Ocean, who has barely stepped foot out of prison before planning what has to be the most daring, intricate and possibly foolhardy heist of all time on not one but three Vegas casinos. To make the heist super-successful, Mr Ocean recruits experts in varied areas and the finale boasts enough suspense to chill the heart and organs faster than liquid nitrogen!


The Stu Unger Story, 2003- this movie is based on the true story of possibly the greatest poker player ever- Stu Ungar. He is a three times winner of the World Series of Poker, as well as the first human, alien or god to win the WSOP on the very first try. The movie is a deep, intense journey that chronicles his occasionally rough journey through life, recording his success and failures in brutal detail and notes the sacrifices needed to make it to the top stage. All in all, this is a gritty movie that aims a real solid punch to the guts!

Runner, Runner, 2013

This gambling movie tells of Richie Furst and his search for a legend by the name of Ivan Block. No one has ever clapped eyes on Block, but pretty much everyone is sure that he exists. Richie, therefore, sets out to find him and hopefully recover some of the moolah he has lost on the betting tables. What follows is an adventure filled with intense partying, high-living, corruption and betrayal.

Casino Royale, 2006

Bond saves the world yet again in the Casino Royale. Filled with high-speed chases, dramatic moments, heart-stopping thrills and enough beautiful people to make the eyes really jealous, it is Bond at his finest! In this gambling movie, Bond is tasked with defeating a terrorist, not in hand-to-hand combat but on the poker tables. In the face of such high stakes, the whole of humanity heaved a big sigh of relief once he proved to be adept enough at poker to defeat his opponent. And the partying held in celebration of this feat is still going on as far as we know!

Lucky You, 2007

The main character here happens to be a professional poker player with the name of Hugh Cheever. This guy is desperate enough to stake everything within reach in order to accumulate the required $10,000 fee for entrance in an international poker match held in Vegas. He meets a pretty singer, speedily falls irrevocably in love with her and shortly after takes her to the cleaners. Now flush with cash he gets to participate in the tournament, with his chief opponent being his father.

Deal, 2008

This gambling movie could be taken as a cautionary tale of sorts. It is all about a poker professional who indulgently teaches poker tricks to a clerk. Soon after, a world poker tournament is held and his most dangerous opponent turns out to be his former protegee.

Twenty-one, 2008

A gambling movie that’s perhaps influenced by actual history. Here, Micky Rosa who is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts and a gambler in a previous life picks out five of his most brilliant students and sets about teaching them the ropes. He then develops a card-counting system that enables easy cheating at blackjack and off the whole group goes in their quest for unimaginable fame and lots of fortune.

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