A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Slots

There are currently an endless variety of online slots and they are so popular. According to our experts, slots constitute around 70% of all casino revenues. But what is the magic that makes online slots so irresistible to players? If you have ever wondered just what makes slots tick, here’s a super easy beginner’s guide to playing online slots.

Online slots are a form of gambling and have some spinning reels. With the said reels being equipped with icons that land in a random manner once bets are made and spins are played. Wins occur when predetermined icons form up on the reels and the amount won depends on the size of the bet.

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Slots

Types of Online Slot Games

Most casinos have two main types of slot games, namely video and reel slots. The latter is the sort found in brick-and-mortar casinos and are also referred to as fruit machines. This is because the icons found on their one or more reels comprise different succulent fruits.

Video slots, on the other hand, are featured on the screens of PC’s and mobile devices, can have stunning graphics, and boast a varying number of paylines. They also have some features lacking in video slots like scatters, bonus icons and wilds that boost both gameplay and profitability.

Scatters are beloved by players because their appearance on the reels boosts the quality and quantity of payouts, while wilds replace other featured icons and help complete winning combos. As for hidden/bonus icons, these randomly appear during gameplay and either offer lots of free spins or lots of wins.

Online Slots and Payments

Most casinos no longer use coins and instead employ what is known as TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out). The slots games to be found in both online and mobile casinos offer an ever-widening array of payment and betting options that range from the usual credit/debit cards to the most popular cryptocurrencies in existence. Before playing, endeavour to know the terms and conditions and the payment solutions supported.

The RNG Of Online Slots

RNG refers to Random Number Generator and is the term for the internal chip located within slots online that determines if players win or loses. RNG’s are certified by third parties to ensure that their operation is not rigged and to ensure that the outcome of each spin is totally random.

Terms Worth Knowing
  • Autospin: this enables players to automatically keep the reels spinning up to 100 times.
  • Bet Max: this is the highest bet possible in a slot game.
  • Betting Units: these refer to wager units and can be decreased or increased as preferred.
  • Bonus Features: these are intended to boost wins and payouts.
  • Cashback: special privileges granted to some casino members.
  • Certified Slots: Slots with a payout percentage that’s guaranteed.
  • Coins/Credits: these are used instead of real money when gambling in online casinos.
  • Doubles: a feature whereby players upon winning a spin can take another spin. If the latter spin is won, the stake is doubled and if it’s lost so is the stake.
  • Line Bet: this means the active paylines in a slot. While the Max Bet feature activates all possible paylines, players can choose to activate only those paylines they choose.
  • Loose Slot: A slot that regularly pays out.
  • Multiplier: this refers to a bonus mode, whereby wins get multiplied from 1x and up.
  • Paytable: this shows the amount of credit for each win and the supported winning combos.

Ways to Win in Online Slots

There are no magic ways to win with online slots, as each spin is a totally random event. Thus, the odds of winning or losing staying the same spin after spin.

Payouts In Online Slots

As a rule, slots supporting bigger bets pay out better than those that don’t. And the payout percentage ranges from 85% to 98%.

Fixed Vs Progressive Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are those that have been previously set and cannot be changed. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, get bigger over time till they are finally won.


Setting limits let players ensure that they do not blow their entire bankroll. Players should decide beforehand the amount they need to win or lose before they need to get up and walk away.

Casino Bonuses and Rewards

In most cases, these cost nothing and offer a variety of benefits to players that will thoroughly enhance their gaming experience.

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Blog Title: A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Slots

Posted On: 10/08/2018

Author: William Roberts