Strategies That Work Best In Online Roulette

There is no specific strategy that can assure you a win in the game of roulette. However, there are strategies can enhance your chances of winning the game. Learn about these below.

Play online roulette for free

If you are a beginner or playing roulette for the first time online, then you must start practicing the game in demo or free mode in order to familiarize with the entire process. This will help you understand how the bets work in an online casino environment. Most new sites permit the players to try the games for fun before actually setting up the account and depositing money. Free play helps you try out different strategies without bothering about losing your money.

Strategies That Work Best In Online Roulette

Play European vs American online roulette

American roulette is offered by most of the online casinos. The European version offers a lower house edge in comparison to the American version. The difference is because there is a zero and double zero in the American variant. Whenever the ball lands on these numbers, none of the outside bets pay. This prevents most players from winning the bet. As European variant has just one zero pocket, this halves the chance of a player losing a bet when compared to American roulette. There are certain casinos that offer French Roulette that has even lower house edge in comparison to European Roulette. This is because of La Partage rule. It implies that the casino returns half of the even money bets placed by a player when the ball lands on zero.

Take care of your bankroll while playing online roulette

Proper bankroll management will help you in minimizing your losses during the course of the game. As per experts, you must limit your bet to 5 percent of your bankroll. You can reduce the size of your bets if your funds are getting utilized at a quicker pace than expected. Bank the cash if you win a bet rather than setting it aside for play. Clearly separating your funds will help you protect your winnings rather than giving away to temptations.

Use betting strategies while playing online roulette

Betting strategies involve using predetermined rules for deciding how much to bet and when. If you are fond of using systems for regulating your betting, then you can use them for your benefit. Two types of betting strategies are usually covered. They are positive and negative progression. A positive progression system increases the amount that you bet when you win and lower when you end up losing. A negative progression on the other hand involves increasing your bet on losing and decreasing your stake upon winning. Positive progression system is less risky as you only increase your bets once you start winning. It is more about capitalizing your winning streaks.

Observe the croupier while playing online roulette

There are times when the dealers spin the roulette wheel with same amount of force as they generally do. This results in the ball landing in specific areas of the wheel more often than others. Observant players can crack the pattern and alter their bets accordingly. Also keep an eye on the ball speed and rotations. You can find the rhythm in the ball speed if you have been playing for a long time. Although it is super tricky, you can crack the code if you learn to observe the smallest details.

Play at trusted online casinos such as Monaco Riches

Owing to unscrupulous activities taking place in the web space quite often, it is best to rely on genuine online casinos such as Monaco Riches that offers incredible variants of online roulette. Always opt for casinos that have been approved by regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gambling Commission.


Blog Title: Strategies That Work Best In Online Roulette

Posted On: 21/12/2018

Author: William Roberts