Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

Symbols are one of the most significant gaming attributes when it comes to online slots. They help you win lots of prizes and rewards. All you need is to land the right symbols in the right places to bring payouts and unlock bonus features like free spins and bonus games. Among the high-value symbols in online slots games, scatter symbols play a major role.

Utilise the scatter wisely in online slots

As a player, your aim should be to bag the scatter symbol as and when it is available and utilise it in the right manner. This will help you gain extra rewards from the bonus features. In order to get rewards from scatter symbols, you would need to land the right number of scatter symbols on a single spin. Once that is done, bonus features will be triggered. In most cases, the bonus features that you win from scatter symbols range from free spins to multipliers. However, you need to keep in mind that it is not possible to replace the scatter symbols with wild symbols.

The main objective of the wild and the scatter symbols in online slots is to create a winning combination that helps you get better returns. In most cases, if you are able to land three or more scatter symbols directly on the reels, you will get hefty cash prizes. In most cases, the payouts also depend on the number of scatter symbols that you are able to land in one instance. Bonus features are triggered when you land the right number of scatter symbols.

Having an idea of the payout structure helps you to deal with scatter symbols better in online slots. Each game has a different payout structure and accordingly the number of scatters differs. Before starting to play, it is advisable to know how to play and the rules of the slot well. In some slots, scatter symbols may even act as multipliers for the total bet rather than the payline bet. In most cases, slots with five reels tend to have to scatter symbols that trigger bonus features. Scatters are also found on some progressive jackpots, and offer you a good scope to win galore.

Have an eye on the paytable

In order to know whether the online slots you are playing have the scatter symbols and how well they add to your payouts, you need to have an eye on the paytable. Moreover, you will get to know about the different winning combinations. If you are lucky, you can even win unexpected multipliers to your stake.

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Blog Title: Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

Posted On: 31/08/2018

Author: William Roberts