Roulette Strategy: The Big Number

Unlike some card games and craps, Roulette was invented rather recently and is a callow youth so to speak. It is also one of the most fast-paced games around and is quite popular.

There are currently quite a few Roulette strategies floating around, among which is the Big Number strategy. This strategy involves betting directly on selected numbers.

Now, a glance at virtually any Roulette scoreboard will usually show that with every 20 numbers, some numbers appear more than once. This is by no means unusual, as repeating numbers are fairly common in even random games such as Roulette. The Big Number Strategy involves betting on each and every number that appears more than once during the last 20 spins.

Roulette Strategy: The Big Number

Bet Sizes While Using Big Number Strategy

Supposing that players are following the Big Number bet strategy, the size of their wagers on the repeating number or numbers must be identical to their minimum bet amounts. If this is more than the table minimum it can be lowered.

For How Long Should Players Keep Betting On A Big Number?

The Big Number Roulette Strategy ensures that players bet according to what’s on the scoreboard. The moment a big number is removed from the scoreboard, all bets on that number are suspended. If there are no repeating numbers all bets are suspended.

Negative Betting With Big Numbers

The Big Number strategy involves positive rather than negative betting. It is easier and simpler than negative betting, which involves betting on numbers that are yet to appear on the scoreboard and against numbers that have already hit.

Big Numbers With Differing Frequency

Supposing a number is repeated once on the scoreboard, while another is repeated twice. The temptation might be great to bet the maximum on the latter. That is however not recommended, as such bets deplete the bankroll with a vengeance without however increasing the odds of winning.

Other Big Number Roulette Strategy Tips

  • Players should refrain from simultaneously making lots of bets. The bigger the bet the bigger the chance of loss.
  • Chasing losses by boosting the wager is totally unwise and can result in the wiping out of the entire bankroll. A better option would be to stop playing when angry and not to play when in a bad mood.
  • The bankroll must be liquid enough that losses do not make players unduly upset or worried.
  • Never use money set aside for day-to-day living to gamble.
  • Be aware of the house edge. This ensures that over time casinos will make money at the expense of players. Thus, the casino is mathematically guaranteed to win, whereas players need to marshal all their skill and pray for luck in order to win.

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Blog Title: Roulette Strategy: The Big Number

Posted On: 21/11/2018

Author: William Roberts