The Importance Of Casino Game Audits

Casino games, especially online casino games are often mistrusted, given that they make use of electronic software that can be tweaked for nefarious gains, hacked or otherwise fraudulently altered. The payout percentages and the RNG are particularly the chief objects of suspicion.

Thus, it is very important that the Random Number Generators in casino games be truly random and that the quoted payout percentage is factual. This is done through the process of auditing, with such audits serving to assure players that everything is totally aboveboard.

Auditing Companies

As a matter of fact, every online game developer is required to thoroughly check the casino game they develop, in order to ensure that things work as they should and that no glitches are present. This usually works in weeding out faults, but not every glitch is discovered before games are released.

To act as a check against this and form a basis of trust, all aspects of the casino game concerned, such as the RNG and payout percentages are usually audited by another company not connected in any way with the game developer. A few of such auditing companies are TST and eCogra.

The Testing Of The RNG

The RNG is the only thing which ensures that casino game results are truly random, rather than biased. If the RNG has been tweaked to be biased, it results in less rewarding and exciting gameplay and when discovered can ruin the reputation of either the casino hosting the game or the game developer.

Regardless of the sterling reputation of an online casino, trained auditors are regularly needed who will thoroughly check every aspect of a casino game and certify that all is as it should be.

The Testing Of Payout Percentages

Usually, the payout percentage of any casino game is published and open to view. This percentage gives the probability of wins over a set period when players bet 100 coins. This is, in fact, the average percentage, with the real payout percentage varying widely from one casino game to the other.

The job of the external auditor is to guarantee that the quoted payout percentage is factual. This will be verified over a long period to ensure that the percentage stays the same over time. The results of this verification are usually published by the vast majority of reputable casinos, as a means of building trust with their clientele.

When All Is In Tip-Top Shape

If everything that can be tested has been tested and both the RNG and payout percentage are factual, then players can be assured of playing casino games that grants a fair chance of success. If this is not the case, and both the RNG and the payout percentage are biased, then the house has an unfair advantage, and bettors should prepare for a losing streak without end.

For the latter scenario not to happen, players everywhere must always strive to play in casinos that have been duly licensed by the relevant authorities. Such a casino must as well be regularly audited by the most reputable auditing companies on the market to make sure that the gambling activities are fair to players.

When players play only at reputable and duly licensed casinos, they do their bit in ensuring proper accountability in casinos and get to enjoy games of chance where the odds of success and failure are even.

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Blog Title: The Importance Of Casino Game Audits

Posted On: 31/10/2018

Author: William Roberts