How To Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

The Rainbow Riches online slots game is designed and developed by Barcrest and is one of the most popular among the Irish Legends slot genre. It has very colourful icons that look too good to be true, comes with the usual complement of leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows and enough lucky icons to turn a stone into bread if need be!

Interested in having a go at it? Then let’s show you the details and features of this very much lovable Irish-themed slot.

How To Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

Rainbow Riches Are Solid!

Barcrest is known by most pub crawlers in the UK as a maker of physical fruit machines. It has since been incorporated into SG Gaming, but its products still bear its own moniker. This slots game comes loaded with five reels, twenty paylines and what can only be elements of slot machines, especially in its bonuses. The featured icons are the standard playing card values, as well as staples like a leprechaun, a pot of gold under an obliging rainbow, a wishing well and everything else but grandma’s lucky rabbit foot!

How to avail the Bonuses?

For some reason, the Rainbow Riches online slots game is seriously top-heavy with bonuses. There are in fact a total of three distinct bonus features in play and these will be discussed separately.

  • Road To Riches Bonus– This bonus mimics physical fruit machines and requires the landing of a trio of the leprechaun scatter icons on any reel position. A second screen is then unveiled, with varied multiplier values and a wheel of fortune being present. Once the “Spin” button has been clicked, the spin is begun and the wheel will either land on a number that moves players the same number of places or lands on “Collect” and so ends the feature. Players get the multiplier value they finish with and this is applied to their entire stake.
  • Wishing Well Bonus– By getting three and up of the Wishing Well icons, players activate this particular bonus. Any of the wells that activated this bonus is then picked and the multiplier value it reveals is added to players’ stake.
  • Pots Of Gold Bonus– By landing a trio of Pots of Gold on the first, third and fourth reels, this particular bonus is brought into play. It has a leprechaun standing atop a rock in a lush field, while atop his head spins an even dozen of pots with varied values. Players get the pot of gold that comes to a stop on the arrow located on the screen bottom. This pot of gold conceals a multiplier value that like the other two above gets added to players’ total stake.

The slot is a rather well-designed creation with a lot going for it. The audio effects are sublime, the reels blind with colours, the bonuses are delectable and the whole effect is divine. Overall, it’s all too easy to see just why this slot is one of the most popular out there and guaranteed to let players experience paradise!

Play Rainbow Riches at Monaco Riches!

Among other high-class slots in its collection, Monaco Riches boasts the Rainbow Riches slot in all its full glory! Come spin up this Irish-themed marvel and treat yourself to some rightly royal times!


Blog Title: How To Play Rainbow Riches Slot Game?

Posted On: 05/09/2018

Author: William Roberts