The Evolution Of Slot Machines

It might be all too easy to assume that slot machines somehow dropped out of the sky in their present form and landed in a casino somewhere, from where other casinos copied it. Actually, though, slot machines are much older than you imagine and have been around on this green earth for more than a century.

The story of slot machines and their evolution from the primitive mechanical contraptions they formerly were to state-of-the-art machines boasting the lushest possible graphics makes for truly fascinating reading. Interested in learning more about the evolution of online slots? Then read on.

The Evolution Of Slot Machines

1. Charles Fey Creates The Slot Machine

Luckily, you can today have fun with different slot machines of your choice, all thanks to the focus and determination of a San Francisco garage owner by the name of Charles Fey. This guy was an irrepressible tinkerer who was always inventing one thing or the other. In the year 1890, his tinkering created what later became called the Liberty Bell. The machine had a trio of reels that were made to spin when players pulled a lever that was positioned at the side. It also astonishingly for the time boasted an automatic payment mechanism. The icons on the primitive reels were spades, cracked liberty bells, horseshoes, hearts and diamonds.

2. Sittman And Pitt And Their Poker Machine

In the year 1891, the duo of Sittman & Pitt who were based in Brooklyn created and unveiled a poker machine. This was fairly complex and had 5 drums that were tasked with holding playing cards. All that was needed to play was to put in a nickel and then pull a provided lever to hopefully create a five-card hand of poker.

3. Herbert Mills And His Bell Machines

A man by the name of Herbert Mills developed a slot machine called the Operator Bell. This happened in the Chicago of 1907 became rather popular.

4. The Electric Money Honey Machine

This machine was invented in 1963 by Bally and was the very first electric slot machine in existence. The Money Honey machine debuted the bottomless hopper and could automatically pay out 500 coins.

5. Video Slots Appear- in the year 1976

A Vegas-based company called the Fortune Coin Co. developed the very first video slot machine in existence. This was unveiled in Kearney, California, had the body of a traditional slot machine, as well as a modified Sony Trinitron colour receiver.

6. Slots Boom With The Internet Boom!

The year 1994 was a rather notable one in the history of online slots. First, the Aristocrat’s Three Bags Full video slot was launched, where players could for the first time play a bonus round on a screen other than the main one. The second notable development was the creation and launch of the very first online casino. This resulted in slots being available on the internet where they were further optimized, tweaked and eventually made into what they are today.

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Blog Title: The Evolution Of Slot Machines

Posted On: 24/10/2018

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