Baccarat- The Known Card!

Although the game of Baccarat seems to be quite safe to an untrained eye, there are numerous ways in which an Advantage Player attacks the game to make the most out of the presented opportunity. Some of these tactics present numerous opportunities for excelling the game. For instance, when dealers expose the first card of the next round, the players can make the most out of it by trying all the strategies in this casino game they are aware of. Then there are others perks for high rollers such as loss-rebate and dead chip programs.

Baccarat- The Known Card!

Negotiations serving Advantage Players in Baccarat

Advantage Players have the power to negotiate certain changes in rules that permit methods such as edge sorting. Some of these players utilize long-standing procedural flaws to their advantage. For instance, they can put ribbon spread to great use along with other methods. The Known Card is the most prominent weapon that can be utilized by Advantage Players in such casino games.

The Known Card in Baccarat

If the Advantage Player is aware of the next six cards, then he can easily gain an edge over the hours by wagering on the cards favouring them, Banker or Player or on the side. In this case, the standard dealing procedure is adopted for dealing with cards 2 and 4 to the banker side and 1 and 3 to the player side. The Known Card concept is not something new. If the first card is revealed by the banker before a hand is dealt. Then the Advantage Player will have an average edge of 6.765% over the next hand. There is yet another way in which the player can know a card beforehand. If the bottom card is exposed during the dealing procedure or during the card cutting, it allows the player to follow the exposed card. The term Ribbon Spread is coined for a procedure that leads to an exposed card during the game.

Known Card strategies in Baccarat

Following the cut, the dealer may remove around 20 cards from the front of eight decks. The dealer would be placing the cards face down starting from the left count. Upon locating the 14th card, the dealer places a plastic cut card between the fourteenth and fifteenth card. Then the entire spread is picked in an order and placed behind the decks. If the dealer accidentally reveals the bottom card after removing the 20-25 cards temporarily, then the player receives an exact count of the cards exposed during the process. During this, the average edge the player will have would be 7.402% when the Known Card would be one of the next six cards in the game. This may consume time, but the potential edge would be worth the wait.

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Blog Title: Baccarat- The Known Card!

Posted On: 23/11/2018

Author: William Roberts