A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Terminologies

Online Casino is fun and convenient, but have you ever come across a term during gameplay that startled you and even halted you since you didn’t know how to proceed? Well, online casino uses a host of terminologies and in this article, you will get to understand a few of the basic terms to get you through an online casino game.

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Terminologies

Casino Terms: The Essentials

The following list of online casino terminologies are considered by our experts to be important. You really can’t live without this comprehensive guide if you plan to play casino games online.
The gambling terminologies are listed here:

Active Payline: A payline that contains symbols to be formed to win various prizes. If you place a bet on a specific payline, that line is referred to as an active payline.

Ante: In card games like poker, you will be asked to place a bet before you commence on any hand. This is a compulsory bet before cards are dealt.

Balance: This is the amount that remains after placing stakes and making deposits. This is what you have available for betting.

Banker: This is a term used to mean the dealer in table games.

Bankroll: The total amount of money available to the casino or player for staking.

Bet Max: This is the maximum amount that you would wish to place on a spin.

Bet Min: This is the minimum amount you wish to bet on a spin.

Bonus Feature: This is a bonus round that is activated by specific symbols in the game should they land on certain positions.

Cascading Reels: This is a feature in slot games where symbols that land on a winning line are replaced by new ones. The new symbols could form winning combos which will again be replaced by new symbols. The process will go on until no new winning combos are formed.

Casino Tournament: This is a tournament where players get a chance to play a variety of table and slot games with an objective of topping the leader board. The winner walks away with a prize which could be real money or a specific tournament prize.

Casino Advantage: This is the house edge that a casino has over the players.

Coins: This is the amount that you will place on any payline which will eventually get you a total you will bet on every spin.

Deal: This is a card dealt with a player during the game.

Deck: This is a standard 52-card set up used in playing card games.

Double or Nothing: This is a bet that pays out an equal amount as staked or nothing.

Expanding Wilds: These are symbols that fall on the reel and fill out the entire reel. This can lead to the formation of winning combos.

Fold: Abandoning a hand and consequently losing a bet in a card game.

Free Spins: These are spins that don’t cost a thing. They can be triggered in the base game by a specific symbol.

Hand: This is a set of cards that a player possesses in a round.

Hole Card: This a card that faces down and is owned by the dealer. In other games, this is a card that a player receives.

House Edge: This is the probability in percentages that a casino has of winning over its players.

Jackpot: This is a prize that keeps growing during gameplay. It will continue growing until it is won and the whole process will restart.

Line Bet: This is the price per bet on an active payline.

Multiplier: These are symbols that contain specific values that will increase your winnings.

Paytable: This is a board or table that keeps track of the player’s information like winning combos.

Reel: This is a wheel that spins with symbols on them in a bid to form winning combos.

RTP/Return to Player: RTP is a way to understand how much the slot games give back to the players, long term.

Scatters: These are symbols that could trigger bonus features in a slot game should they land on an active payline.

Slots: A game with spinning wheels and paylines. Various online slots can be found here.

Stacked Wilds: These are wilds that replace all other symbols to form a winning line.

Wild Symbol: This is a symbol whose main aim is to replace all other symbols to form a winning combo.

Volatility/Variance: On a high variance slot game you can expect very low payouts over many spins. A low variance slot works in the opposite way.

You can expect many decent wins, but the max win potential is not that great.

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Blog Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Terminologies

Posted On: 06/08/2018

Author: William Roberts