Play 243 Ways Online Slot Games

The online slot games have evolved over the years as one of the most popular games played by a majority of the players in both land-based and online casinos around the globe. Today, the online slot games offer the players with sophisticated graphics, fascinating gameplay features and an impressive number of paylines.

The players who love playing online slot games on a regular basis would have heard of the phrase ‘243 Ways to Win Slot’.

The idea behind the concept of 243 Ways to Win online slots is that the software gaming providers wanted to introduce multiple paylines where the players can get to earn higher payouts. This gave rise to 243 Ways to Win Slots. Today, almost all the online slot games offer the players with a multitude of winning opportunities on every spin at a single bet.

Play 243 Ways Online Slot Games

How do 243 Ways to Win Slots function?

Typically, the online slots comprise of fixed paylines where the players can choose which paylines they would like to activate and place their bet on. In order to win, the players have to hit the consecutive game symbols placed across the paylines which usually takes place from left to right. Well, this is not the same in case of 243 Ways to Win Slots as these slots are confusing as they consist of 243 paylines. The player receives a payout if he successfully lands identical game symbols in any of the reels on the slot machine as 243 Ways to Win slot games do not restrict on particular paylines.

For instance, if you happen to hit a star symbol at the bottom of the first reel, another star symbol in the middle and a third-star symbol at the top of the third reel, even then, you will receive a payout, provided the symbols land on the adjacent reels. Besides these, you need not keep a track on the paylines you play.

Why the number 243?

Wondering as to why the software gaming developers have opted for the number 243? Well, there are three visible symbols on each reel and each of these three symbols combine with a single symbol on every other reel. If the slot comprises two reels, then, the winning combination would be 3 x 3 which equals to 9. The slot may also employ 5 reels and so, the combinations increase automatically and are presented as 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 or number 3 to the fifth power, which equals to 243.

There are a number of casinos which offer the players with 720 and 1024 ways to win as well.

Merits of 243 Ways to Win Slots

The players need not keep a track on their paylines to check if they have won or lost the bet. As far as the players land the symbols on adjacent reels, they are sure to receive a payout. The wild symbol feature on 243 Ways to Win Slot is certainly a must-mention as it allows the players to receive higher payouts and the winning combinations occur more frequently because the paylines are not restricted and the players can land the symbols in any of the reels.

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Blog Title: Play 243 Ways Online Slot Games

Posted On: 22/08/2018

Author: William Roberts